Rob Papen RP-Distort for FREE!

Rob Papen is increasingly becoming as known for his range of effects plug-ins as he is for his world renowned virtual synths and this latest piece of news is sure to please every Rob Papen user…

More than just a distortion unit, the new RP-Distort combines an analog modeled filter, compressor and widener unit, creating an innovative and useful FX unit that will inspire your tracks. Each of these units can be re-ordered and switched on or off. So, if you only want a great analog modeled filter… RP-Distort fits the bill. Or, if you want to widen a mediocre mono track, RP-Distort’s unique widener unit will do the trick.

RP-Distort features 22 distortion types including Ring Modulator, Amp and Cabinet Simulators, Lo-Fi, Over Drive, Squarify, Transient, and more. EQ and Noise Gate are also included inside this section. Controls can be modulated using MIDI sources or by one of the 4 built-in LFO’s that can sync to your host tempo.

And here´s the icing on the cake… RP-Distort is FREE for any registered users of Rob Papen products until the end of the year! Simply log in to your account at and you´ll find RP-Distort in there ready for you to download!

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