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Phil Morse from Digital DJ Tips has developed a brand new online video course that gives you all you need to get started from complete beginner to your first DJ gig in just four weeks. With nearly ten years of experience as a professional DJ Phil certainly knows what he’s talking about! Recognising the evolution of DJ’ing into ‘Digital’ DJ’ing at an early stage, he switched to digital about five years ago. Together with his work for Digital DJ Tips he has built a vast experience when it comes to Digital DJ’ing. Now with this online video course you can benefit from this experience and become a Digital DJ in just four weeks!

Digital DJing – DJing with laptops and controllers – has made achieving the “DJ lifestyle” easier than ever.

Do you want to play in your favourite bars and clubs, instead of just going to them? Get on guest lists across town? Be “the DJ” in your circle of friends? Do you dream of playing your favourite tunes to packed dancefloors of people who’ve come just to hear you?

Of course you do! And as you’ve already guessed, digital DJing can get you all of this, more cheaply and more easily than ever was the case for vinyl and CD DJs.

Trouble is though, with all the different systems out there to choose from, as well as digital music, DJing techniques and technical skills to master, it can be almost impossible for you – the new DJ – to know where to start. What gear is right for you? Where do you find the best music? What skills do you need? How do you plug your gear in when you get to the clubs? Hell, what does a DJ even really do nowadays?

Without proper answers to these questions, you’ll find it’s costly, time-consuming and frustrating to get to the stage where you can play a DJ set in public. It often used to take years for vinyl and CD DJs to master the basics, never mind play real gigs – and while it can be easier to get going with digital, you still need to practise the right things in order to do it well enough to play out.

And the harsh truth is that without getting to the stage where you can play confidently in public on your new digital gear, you’re never going to get the success you want. You’ll always be a bedroom DJ, dreaming about it yet getting no closer to it happening for you.

Course highlights

  • You’ll start off learning about the different digital DJing methods, and why there’s only really one right choice for 99% of digital DJs starting out today
  • I’ll help you to spend your money wisely by showing you what’s really important when choosing your gear, and where beginner DJs typically mess up and waste cash. This section alone will probably save you many times the cost of the course
  • A DJ is only as good as his music – so I’ll show you where to find digital music, as well as give you pro tips on how to build a DJ’s digital library of the kind of tunes that’ll blow away any audience – whatever your preferred style
  • I’ll show you everything you need to know about using your new DJ controller, right from the very basics – you’ll be performing your first mix in minutes!
  • Scared of “beatmatching”? I have a proven method of teaching real beatmatching, and I’ll show you the secret! Once you know this one secret, you’ll be able to hold your head high in any DJ company, even with vinyl diehards
  • I’ll teach you the tricks that’ll have you doing in five minutes what DJs used to spend months or even years learning!
  • I’ll reveal authentic pro mixing techniques – the exact mixes I use in my own DJing every week, which you can then take and use in your own sets. This stuff can otherwise take many months to figure out
  • Want to wow your audience with some advanced DJ controller tricks? Of course you do! I’ll show you about loops, cues, effects and keylocking. You can easily use all of these things – and even better, I’ll show you when to use them to sound exactly like the pros
  • All of this will have you ready for your first DJ gig in no time. I’ll give you the essential knowledge about what’s in pro DJ booths and how to set up your digital gear there confidently and without mistakes
  • Finally, I’ll give you practical tips on how to come across like a real pro at your gigs. You’ll look, act and sound the real deal – and the truth is that with all you’ve learned from this comprehensive course under your belt, you will be! You’ll also be well on the way to the DJ lifestyle that you dream of.

Full course contents

Video 1: The Right Route To Take (10 minutes)

Video 2: What Gear You Need (38 minutes)

Video 3: Getting The Music (40 minutes)

Video 4: Your DJ Controller (13 minutes)

Video 5: Your First Mix (10 minutes)

Video 6: Beatmatching I (18 minutes)

Video 7: Beatmatching II (25 minutes)

Video 8: Beatmatching III (19 minutes)

Video 9: Six Classic Mixes (26 minutes)

Video 10: Tips and Tricks (47 minutes)

Remember, there is absolutely nothing else like this on the market today. If you’re serious about learning to digital DJ fast so you can break out of the bedroom, play public gigs and start making money and achieving success as a DJ, you need this training. And if you sign up before 5pm GMT Sat Nov 5, you’ll get a FREE 162-page digital DJ controllers 2012 PDF too, as a thank for joining.

Click here now to buy the course for $47 and gain instant, lifetime access to all ten of these videos – that’s over four hours of professional, one-to-one training. And if you’re not completely satisfied? Let them know within 60 days and we’ll refund your money in full, absolutely no questions asked.

More information and/or sign up is available at the Online How To Digital DJ Fast website.


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