Open Labs announces Music OSTM 3.1 software update

Open Labs is proud to announce Music OSTM 3.1 UPDATE – Music OS 3.1 features both technical and social updates to enhance the performance and user experience of the program. Music OS 3.1 takes creators and performers deep into true 64Bit power-crunching technology and allows them direct access to the cloud for professional publishing and further collaboration. Music OS 3.1 debuts the all new OL VST Suite Library with over 15 exciting and easy-to-use instruments and effects.


Just as with every Open Labs product, Music OS will continue to develop and grow its feature set so that creators and performers alike can reach their outer limits of success. Important to note, Open Labs will be releasing an Apple OS X supported platform in early 2012.

Music OS 3.1 New Features Include:

SoundCloudTM Direct Integration – With SoundCloud undoubtedly the ‘cloud standard’ for millions of online music creators, Music OS projects and session files can now easily be rendered and uploaded directly to all SoundCloud user accounts. Posting songs to the world from the studio or stage has never been easier!

OL VST Suite Library – Music OS 3.1 delivers its first suite of VST instruments and effects for music creation and performance. 5 instruments including DubstarTM, a bass synth designed for dubstep wobble and deep bass tones. BUMPTM, a straight forward drum module complete with Open Labs “bump” sample library. IDMTM, a creative synth for modulating soundscapes and atmospheric swells. OL RemixTM allows you to load an audio sample and chop, screw, and rearrange the beat. 10 VST effects for midi devices or incoming audio signals including Reverb, Chorus, Delay, EQ, Distortion, Filter, Compressor, Limiter, Looper, and more.

True 64 Bit Application – Music OS 3.1 takes full advantage of today’s powerful 64Bit hardware and software operating systems. With unbridged 64Bit technology, larger files, projects and VST’s can be loaded and handled more efficiently throughout the creation and performance process. Music OS 3.1 also allows backwards compatibility for 32Bit users.

Availability and Pricing:

Music OS 3.1 is now available for $299/USD. Current owners will automatically receive the 3.1 update for FREE with Open Labs ‘AutoUp’ feature included in 3.0. RiFF owners will also receive special upgrade pricing throughout the month of January for $79/USD. Check with Open Labs directly for special discount codes and additional upgrade options.



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