Modartt releases Pianoteq 4

Modartt announced theyhave released the new version of Pianoteq. With Pianoteq 4, a new milestone is reached in the piano world, bringing you the best and latest technology of virtual piano software. A thoroughly refined acoustic model is represented by the new astonishing grand piano instrument D4, designed with extreme care, each note being adjusted and voiced up to perfection. Thanks to its extraordinary playability and sonic authenticity, it meets the high demands from live musicians and recording studios.

A new sound
From Pianoteq 3 to 4, three years of research were necessary to refine the physical model that describes the hammers, the strings, the soundboard and their interaction. A grand piano Steinway D from Hamburg has served as reference. Its main characteristics have been used for feeding the physical model from which the new grand piano D4 is born.

The secret of its sound quality lies in the refinement of the soundboard model and its acoustic radiation field computed via a structural analysis model coupled to integral equations. Moreover, each note has been carefully adjusted in its finest detail, just like in a real factory.

Convolution reverberation
A new and exciting convolution reverb unit simulates acoustic surroundings ranging from Studio up to very long reverbs like Cathedral and Taj Mahal. It includes other types of reverbs as for example Plate, Spring, Broceliande… You can also load reverb impulses to set your own environment. In conjunction with these reverbs, the new D4 offers a sound quality that is comparable to a real recording of an acoustic piano with the best audio equipment.

New effects
New effects that benefit the electric pianos but also other Pianoteq instrument are included, such as delay, chorus, flanger, amplifier and compressor. Also included is a mallet bounce effect, especially adapted for the chromatic percussion add-on instruments (vibes, xylophone, marimba, cimbalom…).

Pianoteq 4 in short
• Improved sound with the new grand piano D4
• Improved physical model
• New effects:
• Convolution reverb
• Delay, Chorus, Flanger
• Amp, Compressor
• Mallet bounce

Modartt Pianoteq 4


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