Tone2 Audiosoftware release Drums! soundset for ElectraX

Get your kicks on with the new Drums! soundset for ElectraX. Drums! takes ElectraX’ multi-layer concept even further by combining synthesis and sampling to create a comprehensive percussive library.

Rhythmatic heaven for those looking for mashed up kicks, cone thrashing sub bass, phat snares, vibrant
grooves, vocoded sequences and block rockin’ beats, bringing percussion to the next level and providing you with loads of inspiration for your latest productions.

This 200 preset drum kit and groove library is packed with both synthesized and resynthesized material incorporating 50 MB of fresh new sample content, including human drums, electronic beats and a selection of processed drum hits and loops. Due to its multi-layer and complex patch setup the complete soundset features a total of 600+ sounds.

For more information please visit the Tone2 website at

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