U-He updates DIVA to version 1.1.

Berlin-based plug-in developers u-he have updated their flagship VA synthesizer Diva (Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue) to version 1.1. The most intriguing changes address Diva’s notorious CPU-hunger in divine mode – more voices can now be played in realtime at the highest quality setting…

Firstly, Diva’s CPU-hit has been reduced by up to 40% e.g. when filter resonance is relatively high. Urs Heckmann enthuses: “We discovered a really neat way of optimizing the prediction algorithm in our zero-delay feedback filters without compromising Diva’s analogue quality in the slightest!

Secondly, owners of multi-core systems running Diva will be pleased to hear about the new multi-threaded option, which distributes voices between the available cores. Arriving out of the blue in December 2011, Diva was quickly hailed as the plug-in to beat for analogue authenticity. Despite all the accolades, even the audio engine has been polished in this version – the oscillators shine a little brighter now, and transients sound even more natural than they already did.

Upshot: Several improvements in version 1.1 make the original bold concept – meaty goodness at whatever cost to the CPU – even more palatable.

New features in version 1.1
• CPU-hit has been reduced by up to 40%
• Multi-threading: voices can be distributed between CPU cores
• Native 64-bit support for Mac AU and VST Win
• Improved transient behaviour, new 3-way transient mode switch
• Sonic improvements to most of the oscillator / filter models
• Remote control options (MIDI channel sensitive) replaces simple MIDI-Learn
• Preset browser additions: drag & drop, open current folder in Explorer / Finder Note



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