TC Electronic LM2 Radar Loudness Plugin for all major DAWs

The new LM2 plug-in features TC Electronic’s innovative Radar Display that gives you a quick – yet detailed – overview of the loudness landscape of any stereo audio signal. The main radar view shows you loudness history, while the outer ring displays momentary short-term loudness. Finally, True-peak Levels are shown in real-time on the right side of the user interface, completing the overview.

Plug-in Formats
The LM2 plug-in supports all major plug-in formats, including AAX, RTAS and Audio Suite for Pro Tools as well as AU and VST. These five formats virtually cover all DAWs imaginable and also most digital video editors on Mac or PC.

Naturally, it is perfect for monitoring real-time audio signals, but it is also capable of performing off-line measuring in Pro Tools as an Audio Suite plug-in. Used this way, loudness measuring can be done much faster than in real-time – only the CPU of your computer sets the limit of off-line measurement speed.

A Small Family
In March 2012, we launched the LM6 Radar Loudness Meter plug-in. On top of the LM2 features, LM6 also provides support for 5.1 surround and includes a log file feature that allows the plug-in to create a text-based log-file stored on your hard drive or network.

Save Big – Buy Now!
As an introductory offer, you can get the new LM2 Plug-in for just $99 until 1 July 2012. As of 1 July 2012 the price will be $199. The LM6 plug-in (surround version) is $599.

To use LM2, you need an iLok2 USB Key (not included) for handling the plug-in license.

Why Do I Need A Loudness Meter?
In recent years, loudness has become a major topic in broadcast. Many countries are now passing legislature on loudness in broadcast due to listener complaints about annoying loudness jumps between channels, programs and commercials. Therefore, it has become extremely important for broadcasters to comply with recent standards and legislation.

As a consequence, if you deliver audio for broadcast you should be aware that your content may be subject to loudness correction or even rejection if it is not compliant with the standard that the station you are delivering for have decided to follow. LM2 is compliant with all of the major broadcast standards, including ITU BS.1770-2, EBU R128 (Europe), ATSC A/85 (US), TR-B32 (Japan), OP59 (Australia) and more.

Quite simply, the LM2 plug-in brings peace of mind when you deliver for broadcast.

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