Official Release Date Ohmstudio and Pricing Available

Ohm Studio, the first full-featured DAW for real-time online music production, has been in open beta since the end of May. It now features 14K users who created 21K projects – some solo, others collaborating with partners, and some others taking part in definitively fun public jam at weekly events. More importantly, the overall quality of the projects is pretty stunning and the Ohm Force team witnessed live how fast tracks were recorded and put up together, thanks to effective real-time collaboration.

End of beta
Ohm Force has now a clear plan on what will happen next:

  • Beta is planned to end in October and fluently transit to the release.
  • At that point, user-created content will not be deleted.
  • Buyers of the discounted pre-orders will enjoy full access to Ohm Studio for 6 months or forever (see below).
  • Non-buyers and newcomers will either go for the limited free account or the 9€/month standard subscription for full access.
  • Pre-orders
    Moreover, Ohm Studio users can now purchase one of the two pre-ordering options available here until the end of beta:

  • A 6-month pack for €39.00 instead of €54.00, starting as of end of beta or
  • A pre-order exclusive lifetime subscription for €149.00.
  • Prices include VAT and will therefore be cheaper to non-EU residents. To learn more about our pricing policy, read our dedicated here.




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