Two New e-pedals for the DigiTech iStomp app

The DigiTech iStomp is an entirely new concept in pedals. It works just like a traditional stompbox with one huge exception. It can be completely reconfigured by loading it with any of the 32 (and growing) e-pedals available in the Stomp Shop app.

Half-Pipe Overdrive
The Half-Pipe Overdrive e-pedal pays hommage to the ultra-cool Skate Punk bands of the 32’s and 90’s. A wolf in overdrive’s clothing, the Half-Pipe has enough juice to be used as a full on distortion but really excels at pushing overdriven amps to the brink. GRIND, FAT, VERT, and JAM controls give you plenty of flexibility from ‘in your face’ power to totally taking your sound over the edge!


  • GRIND – Controls the amount of overdrive gain.
  • FAT – Controls the low frequency amount.
  • VERT – Controls the high frequency amount.
  • JAM – Controls the output level of the effect.

Strato Boost
The DigiTech Strato Boost is designed to elevate your tone above everything else when you want it! Strato Boost is a single knob clean boost giving your guitar signal up to an additional 24dB of pure gain. Turn up the Trajectory knob and make you clean amp growl or your overdriven amp sing. Boost your tone to the upper limits with the Strato Boost.


  • TRAJECTORY – Controls the amount of level boost.

App store: Half Pipe Overdrive | Strato Boost




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