Brand-new feature in Mixed In Key 5.5 – Energy Levels

Yakov and Chad from Mixed In Key have informed us that an update for Mixed In Key 5.0 is on its way. Most important new feature within MIK5.5 will be the detection of ‘Energy Levels‘ in your tracks. It will show you the energy level of your tracks on a scale from 1 to 10. The value tells you how danceable that song is. House music is usually around 6-8. The biggest anthems will be 9-10. Deeper music might be 5.

It’s an amazing way to predict the crowd reaction to a specific track. The software analyzes the rhythm, the bassline and the melody of each track to give you more insight into your music.

Once you learn harmonic mixing, energy level mixing can take your DJ sets to the next level. Learn how to use this DJ technique.

Mixed In Key 5.5 also includes:

  • AIFF and FLAC Support
  • Retina support on Mac OS X
  • Lots of small tweaks and improvements to make the software even better

Plus, you get all the best features of Mixed In Key 5:

  • Multi-core support for faster processing
  • Built-in audio player
  • Brand-new key detection for Version 5.0
  • Ability to see key changes in the middle of the track
  • Clickable “Camelot” wheel to browse songs quickly
  • Improved analysis for short samples and producer packs

Mixed In Key 5 integrates with all of your favorite DJ software and hardware. You can use it with Traktor, Serato, Pioneer CD-Js, Ableton Live, and more. It works with all of them.

We will participate in the Beta testing of Mixed In Key 5.5. However, release will not be that far away.

This beta is free for all Mixed In Key 5.0 customers.



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