Lemur now with In App Editor and Skins – Update

Lemur, the professional iOS controller app that doesn’t cut any corners, has evolved. Now easier to use than ever, more customisable and with more out-of-the-box functionality. Any software or hardware that receives MIDI or OSC can be controlled by Lemur. Control DJ software, live electronic music performance software, studio production software (DAWs), VJ software, visual synthesis software, stage lighting and more.

In App Editor

The latest update introduces the revolutionary In App Editor, accessible when you use Lemur on iPad. Design your templates on the fly, without a computer in sight. The In-App Editor makes multitouch control truly improvisatory by letting you shape your controller the same way you shape sounds. Best of all – it’s easier to use than ever.


Lemur now features three new skins, in addition to the classic look. Choose the look that fits your style and get inspired.

LiveControl 2

Experience the ultimate Ableton Live controller, designed in partnership with master designer ST8. Liine has put years of experience in touch control to create the most powerful and comprehensive controller experience out there. Improvise a riff on the Play page, then switch to the Sequencer page to edit the pattern. Choose a key and scale to guide your melodies and use Quick Chord to instantly create harmonies. Use the Modulate page to flawlessly map any parameter from any plugin to the MultiBall object and take advantage of Physics, LFOs and gesture recording. The Launch page gives you everything you would expect from a clip launcher, and more. We even integrated snapshots and morphing.

Rock solid standard

Countless artists, from bedroom producers to major stadium-touring acts use Lemur to create and perform. Lemur software benefits from nearly 10 years of development, and has been fine-tuned to provide maximum performance on iPad. Whether you’re connecting over Wi-Fi or using a hardware MIDI adaptor, Lemur gets the message across flawlessly.

User Library

Access templates from top artists and the Lemur community. Some of these are actual templates used on stage, others are pure studio or creative tools. Share your own or simply browse the library and download whatever suits your needs.






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