Stanton releases SC-IX Firmware for the SCS4.DJ System

Stanton has recently released a SCS.4DJ SC-IX V4.0 update. There are a lot of important features that many working DJ’s have requested, and they have tried to get in a good selection for this release. The big changes are that the controller has Track Gain and Active Playlist Resort, but there are a fair number of other goodies there as well. Below is the full changelog.


1) Add gain knobs – The NAV wheel can now act as a gain knob. When BACK is pressed and held gain on deck A is adjusted. When ENTER is pressed and held gain on deck B is adjusted. Gain is a setting on top of the initial Auto Gain level for added flexibility. Gain adjustment ranges from -12db to +6db. Adjusted gain values are saved with the track so that when that track is loaded again it automatically applies the previously saved gain adjustment. When the gain is being adjusted with the NAV wheel a pop-up occurs that shows the db value as it is adjusted. The pop-up is removed when the back or enter buttons are released.

2) Added a Display Setting in the Settings menu that specifies whether the VU meters are used for Master Out (default) or Deck A, B meters. The clip LEDs are also inverted so that if displaying A,B VU meters the clip LEDs are for Master Out.

3) When displaying the contents of a Playlist the # column has been removed and an Artist column has been added.

4) The Shuffle soft Tab has been changed to Resort in the active playlist screen. This presents the user with the ability to resort the songs in the active playlist that have not been played or are currently loaded to a deck. The sort options are title, artist, bpm, time and shuffle.

5) Additional pitch slider ranges of +/-8% and +/-15% have been added.

6) On the track information screen obtained by hitting the enter button from any browse list a Preview soft tab is added.  Press the Preview button to hear the selected song in the headphone only. Press the Preview button again to stop the Preview. The preview stops automatically after 30 seconds or at the end of a song. Selecting a different song then hitting Preview again will cancel the previous song’s preview and preview the new song. The Preview tab highlights red when the Preview path is active.





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