Fairlight releases new Audio Post Production software version

Fairlight announces today that their Audio Post Production systems XYNERGI and EVO now come with the new Dream Version 4 Software. The software includes countless new features and options with the aim to make it easier to use for new users, improve workflow, and deliver faster output.

New features of the Dream Version 4 Software include

– Mouse based editing enhancements
– Single Screen Interface with comprehensive per-track controls and new Mix Panel choices
– Improved dynamics, side-chain and MaxLinking across groups
– Multi Client ASIO bridge for EVO to host other audio products (e.g. Protools, Nuendo)
– Clip Bin and Clip Store functions to store projects
– Speed increase and new features for the Audiobase sound FX database

To ensure continued software improvements, Fairlight also introduces a 12 month software license subscription scheme. The license subscription provides access to software releases and updates during a 12 month subscription period. Customers who purchased a XYNERGI or EVO in 2012, will get a 12 month Dream Version 4 software license subscription for free.





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