IK Multimedia iRig Recorder for Android available now

iRig Recorder is now available for Android. This powerful app turns your mobile device into a sophisticated field recorder. Download it for free from the Google Play Store, and start recording right away. Add the full feature set, including waveform editor and all effects, via in-app purchase, for only $4.99. Use iRig Recorder with your device’s built in mic, or increase fidelity by using the iRig MIC or iRig MIC Cast, or your own mic through iRig PRE. Get iRig Recorder and find out what the iOS world already knows: IK mobile products rock!

iRig Recorder: Pro Features & Performance

What makes iRig Recorder stand out from the rest? Rock-solid performance and a slew of professional features like waveform editing for cleaning up and assembling your recordings, onboard audio processing to remove noise and optimize levels, a speed control that doesn’t affect pitch, multi-format export, and much more. The Record-on-Launch option starts recording as soon as the app opens, so you won’t miss any important audio. Find out more about iRig Recorder by watching the video below.


  • No set up required – just launch the app and hit record
  • Auto record feature – the recording immediately starts as soon as the app is launched to catch the moment
  • No recording time limit – the recording time is determined by the available space on your device
  • Recordings are automatically grouped by recording date and tagged with geo location info for quick locating
  • Extremely easy to use – simple editing lets you cut and crop your recordings
  • Non-destructive editing – the original recording file is always kept as a backup
  • Export your files in OGG compressed format and WAV uncompressed format
  • Files can be sent via E-Mail, FTP upload, Bluetooth, copying from the phone via USB cables or from SD card or shared and stored via apps installed on the device
  • High-quality audio processors automatically optimize levels and tone

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