TC Electronic DB6 – Intelligent Loudness Management Solution

‘Cost-effective’, ‘High-density’, ‘Forever Compliant’, ‘One-step Loudness Management’ and ‘Audio at Its Finest’ are keywords that describe the brand new DB6 Audio Broadcast Processors from TC Electronic.

One of the leading manufacturers of loudness metering and processing units, TC Electronic, has successfully gathered all of its technology and expertise in a high-density and pristine solution. Quite simply, DB6 is a TV and Mobile TV transmission processor that is able to handle everything regarding loudness in one simple process – loudness metering at the input stage, up or down conversion, loudness processing, on-line lip-sync delay, loudness metering at the output stage and logging of all relevant loudness statistics. In short, it is a transparent one-step loudness management solution, regardless of codec and delivery platform.

DB6 is a new addition to the highly acclaimed DB family of processors that includes DB2, DB4 and DB8 which have been in use 24/7 at several of the world’s leading broadcast stations for more than a decade.

High Density, Low ‘Per-Stream’ Cost

Density is key at many broadcast stations and of course in OB Vans. Therefore, the new DB6 platform is housed in a single rack space unit that allows processing of up to 3 simultaneous SD/HD/3G streams, making it one of the most compact and powerful solutions on the market. Surely, density does not necessarily equal cost-effectiveness, but in this particular case, the cost per stream is highly competitive. DB6 features two 5.1 capable processing engines per SDI stream, each able of delivering to any platform and any codec; be it HDTV, Mobile TV, Digital Radio or Podcast using AAC, Dolby, Ogg Vorbis, Lossless or Linear.

The LoudnessWizard Algorithm – LoudnessWizard: One Algorithm to Rule Them All

DB6 is like having a Plug & Play solution to Loudness. The LoudnessWizard™ algorithm takes care of loudness correction, up-conversion from stereo to surround formats and down-conversion from surround to stereo. There is no need to know every detail of the inner workings of loudness standards – apply the LoudnessWizard algorithm and let it combine and chain together multiple processes on the fly and without any latency penalty. Once configured, it can literally be left alone to work its wonders effectively as well as transparently; though the user also may let it know if a program has already been normalized or processed.

Introducing more industry-first solutions, the LoudnessWizard algorithm is able to automatically detect the nature of any incoming signal and act accordingly as defined by the engineer. It also integrates multichannel TC Delay, which may be adjusted live without artifacts and used for lip-sync, profanity prevention and loudness processing look-ahead.




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