New MultiFX Mode in Serato DJ explained – Video

Yesterday Serato announced their latest update for Serato DJ, 1.2.0, with support for the Numark NS7, Vestax VCI-380, Pioneer DDJ-S1 and the Numark Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express. This is also the first major feature update for Serato DJ with the addition of Multi FX mode for all. In the video below they explain more details of this new MultiFX Mode.

Introducing Multi FX Mode in Serato DJ

Multi FX mode is a powerful and easy to use FX mode which unlocks the next evolution of creative control using the Serato DJ FX, powered by industry leading audio FX developer, iZotope. In this video we’ll show you all the awesome features Multi FX mode has to offer and how to use them.






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