Serato DJ 1.2.0 Update and Free 14 Day Trial available

Serato is proud to announce the latest update for Serato DJ, 1.2.0, with support for the Numark NS7, Vestax VCI-380, Pioneer DDJ-S1 and the Numark Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express. This is also the first major feature update for Serato DJ with the addition of Multi FX mode for all. For Serato DJ Intro users looking to upgrade to Serato DJ, we are also very excited to announce a Free 14 Day Trial mode.

Michael Redwood, Planning Team Manager for Serato, says: “With each release, Serato DJ gets better and better, and 1.2 has a lot to offer. We’re excited to present the new Multi FX mode for our superb iZotope powered FX. Multi FX mode allows DJs to unleash their creativity and take their sets to the next level with the combination of amazing sounding and easy to use chained FX. We’re thrilled to be able to offer Serato DJ to our ITCH users with support for the Numark NS7, Pioneer DDJ-S1 and Vestax VCI-380, and also Serato DJ Intro DJs with the Numark Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express who are now able to upgrade and take advantage of all the great features that Serato DJ has to offer. Finally, the new free trial version allows DJs with supported Serato DJ Intro controllers to get a taste of what Serato DJ has to offer, with 14 days of full functionality at no cost. Throw in a gang of bug fixes and you’ve got an epic release that we’re all really proud of and know that DJs will love!

Controller Support

Numark NS7, Vestax VCI-380 and Pioneer DDJ-S1 customers are now fully supported in Serato DJ, our newest professional level controller platform, as plug and play devices. For supported ITCH controllers, it’s as easy as connecting the unit – there’s no additional license required.

Multi FX Mode

A powerful and easy to use FX mode, unlocks the next evolution of creative control using the Serato DJ FX, powered by industry leading audio FX developer, iZotope. Select and use up to three effects per FX bank and go crazy! Each of the three FX slots within each unit is controllable through its own depth knob which has been calibrated to give the best possible range for coloring your tracks, cuts or blends. The FX are chained within each unit allowing you to create unique FX combinations and textures.

Users also have the ability to assign both FX units to the same channel, giving you ultimate control and the ability to use up to 6 FX per channel. For Serato DJ Intro customers looking to upgrade with supported controllers, Serato now have a Free 14 Day Trial mode for Serato DJ. Try out the fully functional software for 14 days and take advantage of all the advanced features that it offers. Easy to activate within the software, just download Serato DJ 1.2 and follow the instructions in-app.

Numark Mixdeck and Mixdeck Express users looking to upgrade from Serato DJ Intro will be happy to learn they can trial the software straight away using the brand new Free 14 Day Trial in Serato DJ 1.2.

For a limited time, Serato DJ upgrade licenses are also available for $99USD, or $149USD bundled with a license for the powerful video mixing plug-in, Serato Video. Serato DJ 1.2 can be downloaded direct from

Serato DJ 1.2 will be followed by further Serato DJ support for Serato DJ Intro and ITCH controllers such as: Vestax VCI-300, Vestax Typhoon, Vestak VCI-100mkII, Novation Twitch, Numark V7, Numark N4 and Numark Mixdeck Quad in a gradual rollout this summer/fall. For Serato DJ Intro and Serato ITCH customers still waiting on support, you can choose to be notified when Serato DJ will be available for you at





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