Sync Rekordbox and NI Traktor with Rekord Buddy

Rekord Buddy is the world’s most advanced syncing tool for Traktor and Rekordbox. Whether you’re a Traktor DJ who wants the flexibility of using CDJs for some of your gigs, a Rekordbox DJ who wants to give Traktor a try or a regular user of both programs, Rekord Buddy is the simplest and most powerful way to keep your music collections in sync at all times.

Simple, Fast, Seamless

No more painfully copying and updating your playlists by hand. No more time wasted carefully setting beat grids and beat markers in two different programs. Rekord Buddy takes care of everything and let’s you converts your entire track collection back and forth between the two programs.

Rekord Buddy makes it all simple, fast and seamless. Rekord Buddy doesn’t just sync some of the data between Traktor and Rekordbox, it lets you sync everything…seamlessly.

You can choose to sync as much or a little as you want, from your entire collection with all its folders and playlists to just a few fields of a few tracks. You have the ultimate flexibility at your fingertips to manage every step of the syncing process.

Sync your entire collection

Instead of just syncing tracks or having to manually recreate your folders and playlists, Rekord Buddy syncs everything for you. Folder are populated with playlists which in turn contain each your tracks, just as you would expect if you had done the work yourself. You can also sync individual folders or playlists, as well as single tracks, and precisely select what gets synced and what doesn’t.

Rekord Buddy can be used either as a one-button syncing machine or a fine-tuned one that perform only the work you need. No need to use multiple apps, Rekord Buddy does everything in one place.

Sync all meta-data

All of a track’s information can by synced using Rekord Buddy. This of course includes things like Title, Artist, etc… but also the track’s beat grid and any cue points or hot cues. You can also choose to sync only certain fields in order, for example, to update only part of a track’s fields between the two programs.

And since many different musical notations are available for a track’s key, Rekord Buddy will automatically translate them to the standard notation (with or without sharps), open key or any other notation you wish to use. By far the easiest way to unify the information from two different collections if you’re already using both Traktor and Rekorbox.

More information

You can find more information in our community forums, together with many tutorial videos in the Frequently Asked Question section. This is a great place to learn how to use Rekord Buddy, and also get some information on how to get the most of your music collection, Rekordbox and Traktor.








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