Traktor Pro 2.6.2. with Kontrol Z1 support and Remix Decks Unlocked

Native Instruments have released version 2.6.2. of the Traktor Pro software. It is a usual (maintenance) update like many others, except for a few details. This version lets you unlock the Remix Decks. Now these decks can be mapped to all controllers. Previously this was only possible with Native’s own F1 controller. Next to this unlocking feature, the software also supports the new Kontrol Z1 mixer.

– Integration of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
– Overall performance and stability improvements

– Fixed text input for Japanese characters (Windows)

– Added controls for direct mapping of Remix Deck cells
– Added controls for advanced Remix Deck features: Reverse,
Quantize, Cell Load, Cell Delete and Cell Capture
– “Invert” option now properly available for all control types

– Timecode and deck related warning messages are now prominently
displayed in the Deck Header
– Added Flux Mode button to the Transport Section

– Removed Mixer Headroom setting for External Mixer mode
– Headroom setting of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 no longer affects other

– Improved timecode reliability when using Hot Cues (all media)
– Improved resistance against record damage (Vinyl MK2)
– Improved tracking alert warning (Vinyl MK2)
– High Input warning (CD all)
– Scroll-Zone unresponsiveness fixed (CD MK2)





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