WaveDNA and Livid Instruments Announce Bundle for Beat Production

WaveDNA and Livid have joined forces, offering a powerful music production bundle. The Livid Base MIDI controller’s multi-coloured buttons and touch-sensitive sliders light up when connected to Liquid Rhythm in standalone mode. Experience this powerful and super-fun way of building drum tracks!

Liquid Rhythm

Base is a new foundation for all your creative productions. Combining the technology of drum machines and touch screens, Base delivers a sleek new pressure-sensitive surface that doubles up the MPC’s fabled 16 pads and opens up your hands to freely mix. With 32 pressure-sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch-sensitive buttons, and eight momentary buttons there’s plenty of controls to play and control your set.

Livid Base Is More Than Just A Fader

The touch faders on Base offer a lot more than your traditional analog fader. The LED feedback keeps you updated with the current value, and can adapt when you dynamically reassign the faders to your software. But these faders can also deliver a note and velocity when you touch them, potentially acting as a switch for instantly engaging effects, or playing a sound when you touch the fader. And because you can access any value at any time, you can instantly jump to new values as well as make smooth, continuous changes.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions 10.25” x 11”x 0.75”
  • Weight 3 lbs
  • Completely editable with on board presets
  • Works with anything that supports MIDI learn
  • 32 velocity / pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch
  • 9 touch faders with multiple LED modes
  • 8 touch buttons
  • 8 function buttons
  • All controls have RGB lights
  • USB powered and class compliant (no drivers needed)
  • Constructed from high quality aluminum and rubber.

Buy Livid Base + Liquid Rhythm For $449.00







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