Plugin Alliance introduce Drumaton – Drum Crosstalk Removal Tool

Drumatom is NOT a plugin! It is a stand-alone MAC & PC program and is the world´s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings! It is based on the patent pending Advanced Audio Analysis – A3 technology by ACCUSONUS from Greece.


With this novel software tool every sound engineer can now use compressors, EQs and creative effects in new ways with no limitations. In the hands of sound engineers, drumatom will make genuine drum recordings shine in the mix!

Separated, clean tracks. No more gates, triggers & samples required!

DRUMATOM gives you the freedom to mix drums like never before. Boost some highs on the snare channel without getting harsh hi-hat crosstalk. Put reverb on rim shots, mix hot and panned toms without phasy and harsh cymbals.

No drum samples and triggers required anymore to get punchy drums, but if for any reason you decide to exchange drum sounds (for example with the SPL DrumXchanger) you can do that easier with DRUMATOM as well. Since the drum tracks will be virtually free of crosstalk after you process them, triggers will react much more reliable afterwards.

World-class drum sounds made easy!


This first version of DRUMATOM is a fully functional Public Beta version. You can try and even purchase it if desired. It works great on MAC & PC, except for WINDOWS 8.

KNOWN ISSUE: This version does not support WINDOWS 8 so far. They´re on it!

RE-DEMOS: We will reset all trials / demos after the public beta phase so you can try DRUMATOM twice. Just grab a demo now, and when we announce the official V1 of the software you can just activate it again.










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