Blue Cat Audio Releases Blue Cats PatchWork 1.3

Blue Cat Audio have released Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.3, a new version of their “universal plug-ins patch bay” available in multiple audio plug-in formats.

With Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.3, it is now possible to host Audio Unit plug-ins inside the plug-in on Mac (in addition to VST plug-ins). Copy/paste enhancements simplify moving plug-ins in the signal chain or between applications. Several compatibility and performance improvements have also been included (full list below).

The update is free for existing customers and is available for download from the same page as the initial purchase (link received by email). Demo versions are also available for download on, in VST, RTAS, AAX, Audio Unit and DirectX formats, for both Mac and PC (32 and 64-bit).

New Features:

– Audio Unit hosting support: Audio Units can now be loaded into the plug-in on Mac.

– Plug-ins can now be cut from a slot for cut/paste operations.

– Plug-ins can now be pasted into a slot with their params map.


– User interface loading or resizing is now up to 50% faster.

– Reduced the size of windows installers.

– Minor layout changes.

Fixes and compatibility improvements:

– Fixed undo/redo incompatibilities with some plug-ins.

– (Mac) Fixed random crashes when unloading some plug-ins on Mac (Waves plug-ins for example).

– (Win/AAX) Fixed shortcut to user manual in start menu.

– (AAX) Fixed inaccurate transport information reported to sub plug-ins when stopping playback in Pro Tools.

More info:

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