Modor Music announces their first synth Modor NF-1

The Modor NF-1 is roughly based upon the classic virtual analog subtractive synthesis, but takes a serious step further into the digital realm by introducing new waveforms and filter models an making some previously unseen combinations of existing technologies. It’s front panel with 42 rotary controls, 20 switches and an encoder enables very hands-on intuitive sound creation possibilities.

The oscillator section contains 3 identical oscillators. There are 10 waveforms containing the classic three: sawtooth, pulse and triangle, but also three tonal noise waveforms to create a “grainy” overlay to your sound and two 2-operator FM-“waveforms” to import some of the most popular FM-synthesis elements into subtractive domain. Every oscillator has independent tuning-, level-, and modification- parameters.

The filter section contains 2 filters that can be switched serial or parallel to each other. The first filter is a decent 12dB/oct filter that can be switched to lowpass, hipass, bandpass and notch mode. The second filter is formant filter morphing between 3 freely selectable and user-defineable vowels. The formant filter’s mix-parameter sets it’s presence from subtly “vowelish” to full formant voices. The effect section contains two classics: a chorus/flanger effect and a delay effect. Every parameter has it’s own control on the front panel to allow full control.

The modulation section contains 4 three-stage envelopes, 3 LFO’s and a random S&H modulation source. There is also a modulation matrix with seven “modulation wires” that can connect any modulation source to any sound parameter, even the effect parameters! Further more, the Modor NF-1 can store up to 448 presets, has 8-note polyphony, has quarter tone microtuning capability and is fully MIDI responsive!

Modor Music built a very hands-on, groundbreaking new synth moving into previously undiscovered places in the digital domain.

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