Positive Grid BIAS FX Guitar Effects App Pedalboards in the Cloud

Positive Grid today introduced BIAS FX, the world’s first cross-platform guitar amp and effects processor, which gives musicians seamless access to a huge shared database of cloud-based tones and changes the way that music is created and performed.

or the first time ever, it is possible to virtually create studio-quality guitar effects, pedalboards and rigs and run them identically on Mac, Windows and iOS mobile devices and computers. Now, when the moment of inspiration strikes, musicians are no longer limited to using patches created as factory presets by a handful of guitarists nor do they need to haul around dozens of pedals and fumble with a snake pit of cables to find the perfect sound.

The most powerful processer ever made by Positive Grid, BIAS FX creates a virtually limitless pedalboard in the cloud for guitarists of all skill levels. Users are able to share their sounds on Positive Grid’s ToneCloud®, a collaborative guitar effects community that is rapidly expanding the universe of tones available to guitar and bass players worldwide. In addition, ToneCloud’s massive sound bank will continue to grow as Positive Grid works with famous artists, producers and engineers worldwide to upload even more extraordinary signature effects and pedalboards.

Through advanced modeling technology–which constructs digital representations of analog tones–the BIAS FX platform replicates the warm, punchy sound of effects pedals, amps and rack processors while offering musicians endless options for customizing their own personalized sound. BIAS FX builds on the innovations of the growing number of mobile guitar apps and interfaces—Including the company’s JamUp, BIAS Amp and ToneCloud offerings—that have changed the way tens of millions of guitarists play and practice every day. The platform is controlled by a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it extremely easy to use.

“The sophisticated sound engine, sharing capabilities and cross-platform flexibility of BIAS FX takes digital guitar effects to an entirely new level,” said Calvin Abel, product manager at Positive Grid, developers of BIAS for iPad, the top-selling music app in more than 118 countries. “In addition to providing an endless variety of quality tones, it seamlessly integrates across mobile and desktop platforms and offers an open community of tone creation.”

BIAS FX ($29.99) is now available for iPad. BIAS FX Desktop Explorer program is now open for signup to Mac and Windows users.

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