Will Intel and DJ Qbert Banish Laptops from the DJ Booth?

Over the past decade, the rise of the digital DJ has been undeniable, but this has posed a new problem for todays modern DJ’s – carrying around an expensive (usually Apple MacBook Pro) laptop, costing thousands of pounds into a nightclub with you – which is not always a good option, unless you have very good insurance!

However, a new project between scratch expert DJ Qbert’s Thud Rumble company and computer CPU boffins Intel are looking to banish the laptop from the DJ booth. The project looks to be tapping into the power of Intel’s affordable Edison CPU. Applications for controlling audio playback and production hardware have been shown at last weeks Bay Area Maker Faire, used in conjunction with a Native Instruments Machine Mk.2 and Kontrol S25 keyboard. Additional equipment included a Vestax PDX-2000 Mk.2 turntable and NI’s Kontrol Z2 DJ mixer.

Intel’s Edison CPU is very inexpensive, as just £35 and has a 500MHz dual core CPU, onboard memory, USB ports and wireless connectivity. How does it work? It’s extremely simple. Connect your gear, and plug in a USB hard drive containing all of your samples or music and that’s it!

Along with this innovation, a newly developed turntable sensor that can sense record, platter and tonearm movement. This is captured as a sound wave and can be used and abused in all kinds or different ways.

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