New Livid Instruments Minim Soon to be Announced

News is starting to filter in regarding a new controller from Livid Instruments, called the Minim. What is it? Well, it’s roughly about the size of an iPhone, which could be why Livid are referring to it as the “world’s first pocket-sized wireless instrument designed for mobile music creation.” This is an amazing step forward for Livid in the MIDI controller arena as it undoubtably makes music making “on-the-go” more feasible than ever.

In the YouTube video, we can see Minim being used with a variety of iOS music apps (Arturia’s Minimoog-V being one of them). It also seems that Minim’s are also connected wirelessly to Ableton Live on a MacBook Pro. Details are sketchy at the moment, but what we do know is Minim has:

  • 8 pads (similar to those found on BASE)
  • 15 RGB buttons
  • A touch strip (with LEDs)
  • 3D motion control
  • Wirelessly connects to both Mac OS X and iOS

The only other thing we know is that Minim will be officially announced on Wednesday 29 July, 2015 and will be available via Kickstarter, which seems to be a growing trend these days. Pricing via Kickstarter is said to be well under $100, but that normal price will be around the $100-149 mark.

We strongly suggest you keep a close eye on Livid Instruments Facebook page for more details in the next few days as well as right here on Gearjunkies.

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