Sugar Bytes releases Obscurium – craziest synthesizer you ever tried

Obscurium is a timbral organism, a generative synthesizer feeding on scales, chords and classic synthesis producing vivid harmonics paired with an elaborate aesthetic. It is the source of a dazzling array of organic and lively sounds, delivering spherical pads, bubbly arpeggios and deadly percussion attacks.

Obscurium offers detailed control over the musical grammar of its generative engines: its results are far from arbitrary. Get the sequencer going and define polyphony, chords and arpeggiator for each of the 32 steps. Detailed sound controls allow for a free mix between the FM analogue oscillators and ongoing modulation of three variables for each of the generators.

The playful user interface streamlines the complexity of the inner workings: You can freely change and swap all parameters and motion lanes leading to hundreds of new sounds from the init preset, so you can realize unique and surprising sequences in a matter of a few clicks.  Thanks to its VST interface, you can host any of your sound-generator plugins in Obscurium for fresh sounds.

Price: €99 / $99

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