Fyrd Instruments shared a preview of their SQR sequencer

Fyrd Instruments has put a video online with a preview of their upcoming  four channel desktop SQR sequencer you can use with any MIDI or modular set-up. This is what they say about it:

“The SQR sequencer is our entry in the modular world. This 4-channels desktop sequencer is very adaptable: you can use it with MIDI gears or modular rigs, you can play it like a classical 16-steps sequencer or go crazy and use the probabilistic approach on top of an innovative stage behavior sequencer, you can sequence on 4 monophonic channels or easily compose a 4 voices polyphonic exotic chord, you can sync it with MIDI or an external clock signal from your modular rig or use its internal clock, to name a few.”

“Apart from its powerful features, the greatest strength of the SQR is its ability to help you visualize what you are doing. Its big and easy-to-read led display can show you every variations in your sequence, from individual gate lengths to pitches and octaves, from individual slide lengths to chord names or step probabilities. Everything is clear and hands-on: you have direct access to all the essentials parameters and you can visualize everything instantly.”

“Very similar to the MTRX in design, the SQR is made from top quality components at each stage. From the beautiful enclosure to the Digital-To-Analog converter, each component has been choosen carefully to offer the best possible experience to the user. And we are very proud of the result!”

The SQR sequencer costs 599 euro, but a pre-order you het a 100 euro discount. More info at: www.fyrd-instruments.com


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