Apogee FireWire Interface Upgrade Path Announced

Apogee has announced a time-limited offer for owners of its Duet FireWire and Ensemble FireWire interfaces to upgrade to the USB or Thunderbolt version of each interface and claim a free Apogee Groove or ONE for iPad & Mac.

Ensemble FireWire and Duet FireWire users updating to Mac OS X El Capitan can expect the same performance as with previous OS versions. Although Apogee is ending official support of these products on OS X El Capitan and beyond, they will continue to make the current installer packages available on their website.

This offer is only available until the end of October, and only purchases of new products from authorised Apogee UK dealers will be eligible for a free ONE or Groove. Once a new Duet, Quartet or Ensemble has been purchased, end users simply visit http://www.apogeedigital.com/firewire-trade-in and fill in their details in order to arrange the return of their FireWire interface to Sonic Distribution in the UK.

Once the unit has been received by Sonic, the end user will then be sent an Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac or ApogeeGroove DAC & Headphone Amp free of charge. If you purchase an Apogee Duet or Quartet, you will be eligible to receive a free Apogee Groove, if you purchase an Ensemble Thunderbolt, you are eligible to receive either an Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac or an Apogee Groove.

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