G-Sonique releases DTC-1 ultra transparent compressor plug-in

It is good known fact that analog hardware compressors do their job better, more natural and transparent. Hi-end analog mastering compressors are usually very expensive. For mixing you need tents of compressors.cMost of digital compressors are not very transparent, produce lot of distortion and artifacts.

New G-Sonique DTC-1 is one of most transparent VST compressor around!cTry to use significant gain reduction (10dB and more) and compare it with other VST compressors.cG-Sonique DTC-1 is modeled after analog VCA based (voltage controlled amplifier) analog bus compressors that are known for its transparency and clear sound without lot of coloration and distortion.cDTC-1 is perfect for tracking/mixing and very useable for transparent compression during mastering.


  • Extremely precious discreet analog hardware VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) component emulation algorithm
  • 3 selectable compression curves: soft, medium, brick
  • Internal oversampling
  • Dry/Wet knob for Parallel (so called New York compression)
  • Treshold + Input knob
  • Attack (mS) / Release (S) knobs
  • Ratio knob 1:1.2 – 1:10
  • Special make-up knob
  • Output gain

PRICE: 49.90 Eur

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