Powersoft Announces New Armonía Pro Audio Suite 2.7.0 Release

With the release of the latest version of Armonía Pro Audio Suite 2.7.0, Powersoft’s proprietary digital signal monitoring and processing software, the company has unleashed further major features and DSP power in its continually evolving roadmap. The update, now available for download, includes the new speaker preset v2 (.spk2) file format; this file can be copied directly onto X Series amplifiers with a USB stick, to be recalled later on desired channels via the WebApp interface.

X Series and Ottocanali DSP+D amplifiers are now able to act as totally configurable Dante sources, with the option to stream out eight processed or unprocessed signals. Standalone analog to Dante converters are therefore no longer necessary in complex installations, and direct monitoring of the DSP processing can be easily achieved in third party measurement software such as Smaart v7. A higher degree of loudspeaker supervision is achievable with the new Live Impedance curve, calculated in real-time and storable/displayable against a reference curve in the new spk2 preset files. New RMS and Peak limiters with side chain Frequency-Shaping are now available on X and Ottocanali DSP+D Series, allowing an even greater level of protection and performance. Frequency-Shaping, in conjunction with Live Impedance monitoring, is an irresistible combination, which safely pushes the speakers even further in terms of overall SPL.

In fact the entire communication protocol has been completely rewritten to achieve better performance. Thousands of parameters are now sent in a fraction of a second, allowing for lightning fast operation with X and Ottocanali DSP+D Series devices. In conjunction with the latest firmware the response to Advanced Groups raised cosine equalization is faster than ever, and most importantly synchronized across on all channels. In addition to X Series and Ottocanali, the new Armonía release is also designed to offer improved functionality for the M-Drive and DSP 4 + IPALMOD models. Alongside the new release of Armonía Pro Audio Suite 2.7.0, Powersoft has provided full online assistance for Armonía users. This is a useful, fully-accessible tool enabling issues to be solved in any circumstances.

The new release of Armonía Pro Audio Suite 2.7.0 also coincides with the new official firmware for the X Series platform and Ottocanali DSP+D amplifiers.

Features include:

  • New Live Impedance tab in output section
  • New internal Dante Output Routing feature (eight Dante output channels fully customizable from Armonìa)
  • New Frequency-Shaping limiters feature for RMS and Peak limiters.
  • New LED animation during boot and firmware upgrades
  • Central ring LED shows the mains connection: Blue mono-phase, Red bi-phase, White three-phase
  • WebApp re-style
  • WebApp MAINS tab shows mains phases
  • Improved performance and filtering responsiveness (now synchronized across all channels)
  • Third party control protocol: Add “Save as” command
  • Third party control protocol: Add Ottocanali DSP+D GPO status report
  • Third party control protocol: Fix on X4 communication

The Armonía release is available to download on the Powersoft Armonía Forumtogether with the Ottocanali firmware.  Otherwise, the new X Series firmware is available to download into the new forum designed exclusively for users of the new X Series. Besides firmware updates, inside the forum it will be possible to access direct support from Powersoft engineers, discuss ideas and requests for new features, exchange customized speaker presets with other users and be kept up-to-date on all new developments regarding X Series amplifiers.

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