Serato announces MIXARS Duo For Serato DJ

Announcing a new partnership with Italian based DJ company, MIXARS. Introducing the MIXARS Duo, a brand new Serato DJ and DVS enabled 2-channel mixer. dBTechnologies as part of the RCF Group, are launching the MIXARS brand and Serato is the first software partner with the Duo, a mixer designed with close collaboration between both companies.

Alessio Foti, MIXARS Brand Director says: “Operating as an independent subsidiary, the new MIXARS brand will focus on developing a premium range of DJ technology. Pushing the boundaries of design, materials, and production processes, MIXARS will create high end products to fulfil the needs of demanding DJs, as well as developing challenging and unique products for the rapidly evolving DJ scene.”

Serato Head of Product Strategy, Nick Maclaren says: “The MIXARS Duo has been designed with the DJ in mind and features all the primary performance features DJs look for in an integrated mixer, as well as a number of unique features that make the Duo stand out. This mixer is the first collaboration between Serato and MIXARS, and designed in close partnership to ensure this mixer will meet the high standards DJs expect for professional performance in build, audio quality, software integration and workflow/usability.”

  • 8 RGB rubber performance pads for control of Cues and Samples as well as a unique switch for quick swapping between modes.
  • Dedicated Sampler volume control.
  • Looping control.
  • Control for Serato DJ FX.
  • Built in USB HUB to power third party USB devices and MIDI controllers.
  • MIC input with tone adjustment (Combo Input).
  • Easy accessible AUX input.
  • Analog High/Low-Pass filter on each channel.
  • USB 2.0 high speed class compliant audio and MIDI USB ports.
  • No driver required on Mac.
  • High performance dedicated ASIO driver for Windows.
  • Fully assignable MIDI functionality via USB can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.
  • 2-channel hardware mixer, 3-band EQ with dedicated HP/LP filter on each channel.
  • When using Serato DJ, mixing is software based meaning FX are post-fader.
  • Unique crossfader cut-in control.
  • The MIXARS Duo is Serato DJ and DVS Enabled and requires no additional software licenses. It will be supported in a forthcoming Serato DJ update.

Price for the MIXARS Duo will be $990 (USD)  / €990 (EU). Please contact MIXARS for details on shipping dates.

The MIXARS Duo will be supported in a forthcoming Serato DJ update.

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