Tracktion Launch BioTek Organic Synthesizer

Tracktion Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the BioTek Organic Synthesizer. A virtual instrument, which combines an advanced synthesis engine with a stunning array of sampled sounds from natural, urban and mechanical environments. Built on the entirely new Acktion™ platform, this instrument sounds like nothing else.

The single-screen user interface, dominated by a powerful XY controller and a number of soft controls that change function based on the particular patch in use, provides the flexibility of a modular synthesizer. BioTek, despite its wide range of sounds and complex control options, remains extremely easy and even inspirational to use. It is AAX/ AU/VST/Linux VST compatible and retails at $150.

The quality and range of the sounds, as well as the way they interact with the synthesizer in organic and sometimes very twisted ways is uniquely addictive,” explained composer Mike Wall. “All of the patches are so carefully crafted that the mash-ups make sense in surprising and unexpected ways. I find myself tempted to compose an entire piece using only one instance of BioTek. This new instrument may become the next must-have tool for soundtrack, ambient, chillout, and electronic music work. It is perfect for adding a unique splash to modern popular music production.”

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