Modulab curated by Stefan Robbers at Eindhoven Psychlab festival

For the third time the Effenaar in Eindhoven the Netherlands organizes Eindhoven Psych Lab. The second weekend of June, the entire Effenaar will betransformed into a laboratory where futuristic visuals go hand in hand with the best psychedelic rock, krautrock, garage and most important Electronic music area Modlab curated by Stefan Robbers.  And on top of that, here are delicious special beers, tasty meals and a cozy terrace with guaranteed sun.

Modulab (curated by Stefan Robbers) (Audio Test 009.epl16)
“We work mainly with modular synthesizers. The individual parts of the modular synthesizer resemble the building blocks of sound, and eventually music. By connecting these building blocks with wires, carrying electrical signals, we can control and influence the creation and involvement of sound into something spectacular. The results can be dreamy, confronting, entrancing or something indescribable even.” On the Modulab stage we present artists that will bring their extended modular setups for a visual and aural experience: Forma Hydra (Auxar), FrakNOISE, Sierra Romeo, Peninsula, Mono-Poly, Allert (Sonar Traffic)

For more info and tickets go to the Effenaar website (Sorry, no English info available)

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