RME updates on drivers, firmwares and TotalMix FX for iPad

As part of celebrating 20 years RME, the company issued several updates on drivers, firmwares and TotalMix FX for iPad.

The updates include numerous new features and an improved FX section within TotalMix FX, RME’s popular monitoring solution, which is part of all currently available interfaces. Echo and Reverb have been completely reworked. Eight new reverb types were added, and the existing ones got improved tonal character, higher density and better fade out behavior. The echo effect got an adjustable high cut and supports being operated with BPM values. Many small improvements in usability make operating TotalMix FX even more efficient and pleasing.

RME interfaces having a dedicated DSP, like Fireface UFX, UCX, 802 or the MADIface XT, need a firmware update to support these new, improved FX, and to be able to deliver those in stand-alone mode. In fact even more firmware updates are available, as RME added several improvements to Class Compliant mode and normal operation. Additionally all USB devices are now compatible to the Corning USB 3 optical cable, which is not only a perfect USB 3 cable for the MADIface XT, the world’s first and most advanced USB 3 audio interface, but also a well working and long cable for USB 2 operation.

The MADIface series driver, currently supporting MADIface USB and MADIface XT, now supports 32 samples as smallest ASIO buffer size. Also the sophisticated WDM device configuration of the HDSPe series driver has been implemented. It gives free choice of activated WDM devices/channels as well as free selection of one or more speaker devices, perfectly addressing the needs of professional users in broadcast and television.

TotalMix FX for iPad has been released on the App Store in version 1.31, incorporating the new FX. In combination with the latest firmware updates all interfaces that can work with the iPad now support internal Loopback and switching the EQ/Dynamics in and out of the recording path.

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