WaveDNA Releases Liquid Music

WaveDNA is proud to announce Liquid Music, a powerful VST & AU plugin that instantly crafts original song ideas with advanced music tools. This latest version of Liquid Music is the natural evolution of Liquid Music for Live that was released in the fall of 2015. No more waiting around for inspiration to strike. Simply create inspiring beats, chord progressions and melodies using a unique visual workflow. It’s the quickest way to inspire new ideas and conquer writer’s block. No more piano-roll tedium, no more MIDI noodling—just exhilarating, effortless creation on your terms.

  • Paint melodies, harmonies and chords using the revolutionary Sketch tool
  • Make unique beats instantly using a collection of rhythmic building blocks
  • Use as a plugin with VST or AU. Liquid Music also fully integrates with Ableton Live with Max for Live
  • Inspiring pre-sets help create original ideas and rich harmonies in seconds
  • Swap between five layers of control for nearly limitless possibilities

Sometimes to build it up, you have to break it down. Liquid Music separates music into five layers, each with unique tools you can tweak and customize to morph and evolve your music until it’s just right, Sketch, Key, Chords, Voice and Rhythm.

• Sketch is where all the layers come together into one intuitive musical shape. Simply click and drag to create original harmonies, spark new song ideas and draw the shape of your music. Want your music to build? Draw a cresting peak. How about a big EDM drop? Plunge your mouse down and draw a valley. And if you don’t like what you hear, just erase and start crafting your next idea in seconds.

• Key determines your track’s “mood.” Will it be an upbeat frolic through flower pastures with a major scale? A forlorn dirge in a minor key? Or maybe a trippy experimental journey of exotic tones with Ultralocrian or Phrygian b5 modes? Liquid Music has them all—and more. You can even transpose (move the notes up and down) to better suit your vocalist—no music theory degree required.

• Chords are an important part of every song. But with hundreds to choose from, how do you pick the right ones? Liquid Music’s Chord Suggester journeys deep into the land of known progressions to recommend complimentary chord changes that help you build progressions. Feed those to the Chord Sequencer to create clever chord progressions without hours of frustrating trial and error. The Chord Sequencer is like a drum sequencer for chords. Just choose or randomize a chord, and a list of complimentary chords helps you arrange your song quickly and easily.

• The Voice layer helps add just the right amount of harmony to melodies and chords. You can import a melody and use the Voice Layer to add harmony, create cascading arpeggios and even customize how thick the harmonies are for specific parts.

• Rhythm includes a host of tools based on WaveDNA’s acclaimed Liquid Rhythm software. You can experiment with new beats and customize their note duration, velocity, timing and more. Rhythm mode lets you create unique, elaborate beats in seconds using an extensive list note patterns and clusters—entire bars at a time.
Special price until April 30th, 2016
Liquid Music $149.99 US, (regular $199.99 US)
Upgrade from Liquid Rhythm to Liquid Music $79.99 US (regular $99.99 US)
Liquid Music for Live Owners receive a free upgrade to Liquid Music

– Liquid Music – VST / AU / Max for Live plugin
– Liquid Rhythm – VST / AU / Standalone
– AU (Logic Pro X – MIDI FX)
– Max For Live (Ableton Live 9 with Max For Live)

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