audio-workshop announces availability of first international video tutorial guide to orchestral VIs

audio-workshop, a Steinberg Certified Training Center specialising in music technology seminars and tutorials, is proud to announce availability of Orchestral Library Toolbox, its first international video tutorial guide for working with orchestral virtual instruments.

Orchestral Library Toolbox is the first tutorial video available worldwide to demonstrate detailed use of orchestral virtual instruments suited to a variety of applications. As such, acclaimed audio-workshop tutors Achim Brochhausen — a classically-trained musician, producer, and composer (whose area of expertise revolves around realising orchestral music using a computer) — and Holger Steinbrink — a media producer, sound designer, and music technology writer (who has been producing music with computers since the 1980s) — host over 11 hours of video tutorials, translated and narrated by English musician David Morley

Moreover, Orchestral Library Toolbox totals 59 numbered tutorial videos covering a diverse range of topics spanning the technical basics of working with orchestral libraries; keyswitching usage; advanced arrangements with ostinati and lyrical pattens; implementing harmony in a variety of genres; string and brass arrangements in pop, rock, soul, and funk music; numerous tips and tricks for working with orchestral virtual instruments; and much more besides. Better still, these are made more manageable by being broken down into three chapters — namely, Basics, Hands on Working with Libraries, and Additional Content. PDF notation examples are also included alongside an Introduction and closing comments video.

The tutorial videos come as MP4 movie files encoded with the H.264 video codec and with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 (2.1 megapixel). System requirements for the DVD-ROM are an Apple computer (with OS X 10.7 or newer and a DVD drive) or Windows PC (with Windows 7 or newer, Apple Quicktime or compatible video player, and a DVD drive). The tutorial videos are also compatible with Apple iPad and other tablets.

Orchestral Library Toolbox is the perfect production partner for anyone who wants to learn more about using orchestral libraries in diverse settings, such as music production, film and television composition, and music for video games.

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