Eiosis releases the e​2-​deesser

The e​2deesser is designed to be extremely easy to use for musicians and audio enthusiasts, along with the versatility, power and reliability that are required by the most demanding mixing and post production engineers.

The e​2deesser meets all the demands of the simplest to the most advanced de­essing tasks, it is your ultimate de­essing tool. By aiming at simplicity with its two main parameters, and by giving access to innovative fine adjustments and precise sound sculpting options, we combined the best visual eedback with the most advanced audio processing in one beautiful interface.

The sibilants’ section Auto and Smooth are great sounding, easy­to­adjust and unprecedented controls in a de­esser. Auto adjusts the frequency response of the sibilants, dynamically and intelligently. Smooth brings a gentle and natural smoothing saturation in order to remove peakiness and high amplitudes from the sibilants.

For advanced users, the equalizer allows precise adjustment of the sibilant and voiced sound. This unique feature brings ultimate flexibility: you can notch unpleasant resonances in the sibilants, add some Air on the voiced signal only, or gently boost high frequencies to balance mid range heavy sibilants.

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