TC Electronic introduces metering app for Clarity X

TC Electronic  extends the already impressive feature set of Clarity X with a metering app for iPad, Mac and PC.

The new app gives you scalable views, greater ease of control and extended features. Not only can you customize your metering views, TC ELECTRONIC has added more meter types, like LRA+I, a combination of Loudness Range and Program Loudness.


  • Use Clarity X with iPad
  • Even More Meter Types
  • Seamless Control and More Functions

The Clarity X Metering App lets you build your own metering views, with multiple meters, for any specialized mix scenario. To streamline your work, it includes a combined speaker select and SPL meter as well as speaker select and Sweetspot select view.

The feature set of the Clarity X Remote has also been extended. Not only does the app display the functions assigned to each of the Remote keys, it adds two additional function keys.

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