ZAOR studio furniture announces the YESK desk

ZAOR Studio Furniture is proud to announce availability of YESK — the latest addition to its evolving, elegant range of studio workstation desks, designed in collaboration with Darmstadt, Germany-based User Interface Design Studio x9design, founded by Tom Schuh with a strong focus on the professional audio and media creation industry.

Who better to introduce the eye-catching result of this cross-company collaboration, then, than ZAOR Studio Furniture CEO Klaus Gehlhaar: “We tried a new approach with designer Tom Schuh from x9design — a ideal compromise between form, force, and function. The result is YESK, an elegant frame for the avant-garde producer/musician with a zest for the cutting edge… a bit of aerospace, a bit of craftsmanship with brushed wood, and a new finish — Jungle Grey.”

Welcome to the jungle? Jesting apart, YESK really represents something completely different, though those edgy producer/musician-types might have a number of smaller hardware devices and associated cabling that they are looking to neatly accommodate in one space-saving location. Look no further; for anyone with an eye for cutting-edge design will surely appreciate the finish and minimalistic design attributes — not least its carefully-crafted, curvaceous solid-wooden frame, brushed with copper bristles and tinted with a unique dual-colour finish that looks more like metal than wood.

Perfectly positioned at a height of 950mm, the 1500mm-wide top-level panel is best reserved for studio monitors and computer screens, while the deeper depth, 1500mm-wide workstation panel positioned further forward at a height of 793mm can comfortably accommodate the variety of smaller hardware devices that the modern-day musician/ producer prefers to have within easy reach. Retractable keyboard trays are de rigueur is this day and age, and, again, YESK duly delivers, with comfortable legroom of 610mm, extendable up to 300mm towards the user for further flexibility.

Flexibility abounds further still between the top-level and workstation panels with a total of 8U rack space — split into 2x 4U — neatly integrated into the YESK frame… perfect, perhaps, for accommodating an audio interface and any outboard effects units that the user may favour.

Furthermore, YESK beautifully balances its requisite rugged design elements with lightweight construction. Coming flat- packed, it allows ZAOR Studio Furniture to effectively pass on savings in shipping costs to buyers, as reflected in its competitive pricing, and is easy to assemble. According to Klaus Gehlhaar, “We’re really excited to reach for new horizons, and will do more in this vein.”

YESK is available to order from any authorised ZAOR Studio Furniture dealer at an RRP of €640.00 EUR (within the EU, including VAT and shipping).

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