FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.5

FeelYourSound has updated the electronic song-writing software Sundog Scale Studio to version 2.5. The new version adds many new features to create chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and arpeggios within minutes. Sundog works standalone and connects to any DAW via MIDI.

There are over 500 chord progressions included in this release. A dedicated chord progression search engine can be used to find the best ones for any musical genre. It’s also possible to save and load own progressions. Sundog 2.5 includes a new Live Preview mode. When this mode is active, it’s possible to change chords inside the Chords View and directly hear how these changes affect your basslines, arpeggios, and melodies.

* 500 popular chord progressions included.
* New Chords menu entry: Search chord progressions. Shortcut: Ctrl+F (Mac:
Cmd+F) in Chords View.
* New Chords menu entry: Load and save chord progressions.
* Live preview in Chords view. Turn on “Settings-> Chords View: Realtime

Other new features and changes:
* Change chords in Chords View while playing. You can activate the old behaviour
with “Settings-> Chords View: Follow playback”.
* Chords View: Use the “-1 octave” switch to play chords one octave below the
active octave (other options: right click on a chords button; press ‘o’ on your
keyboard; play on the MIDI keyboard).
* New shortcuts in Chords View: Insert (insert progression slot); Ctrl+Delete
(delete progression slot). On Mac: Ctrl+Return (insert); Ctrl+Backspace (delete)
* New Chords menu entry: Loop chord progression to different length.
* New Chords menu entry: Stretch chord progression to different length.
* Timestamps in Windows log file.
* Bugfix: Prevent crashes on the chords page when the base note is very high or
* Bugfix: Paste chord progression with different length.
* MIDI keyboard input in Chords View: If Chord Mods are active, C# and D# will
activate the left or right chord mod respectively.
* Tooltips. Deactivate in “Settings -> Show tooltips”.
* New shortcut: Switch between Main View and Chords View with Tab.

Price: $49 / €44. The update is free for all customers.

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    I did the update just recently, now it keeps freezing after 40 seconds and needs restarted. Tried using it by itslef and with my daw ABleton 9/ now its a waste of moeny

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