The Yalp Fono – Public hangout for youth becomes a DJ booth

There is a lack of facilities for teens who have outgrown the playground. The city of The Hague changes this by creating a hangout that focuses on the main interest of the youth; music, internet and mobile phones.

The Hague has become the first city in the Netherlands to have a DJ-spot with free WiFi, which has been integrated into the DJ booth by KPN. The youth has unlimited wireless internet access at this public KPN WiFi Hotspot, which enables them to stream their own music to mix on the DJ booth. Last week the site was opened by representatives of the municipality of The Hague and KPN, together with the young people for which the facility is intended. By placing a phone on the turntable, music is amplified and can be mixed. Classic with hip hop or Bach with Justin Bieber, it’s all possible. Young people can make their own mix an let their creativity run free. This without disturbing the neighborhood residents, because the maximum volume is limited and the DJ-booth is switched off during the evening hours.

KPN WiFi Hotspot becomes hangout for youth
WiFi is becoming a necessity of life for young people. A good WiFi connection is a must in the recreation sector and many cities are eager to provide free WiFi for this target group in the city centre. However, the installation and maintenance of such a network is not always easy. Therefore KPN has linked a safe and fast WiFi connection to a youth meeting point; the Yalp Fono DJ booth.

WiFi DJ booth is desire of young people
Youth ambassadors in the Mariahoeve district in The Hague had expressed that they wanted to have a place where they could be involved with music and preferably with free WiFi access. That idea triggered the town to get in touch with KPN and the supplier of interactive playing products Yalp. The DJ booth is already a success in various places across the Netherlands (Amsterdam Bijlmerpark, Nachtegaalplein, Rotterdam, University of Twente) and abroad (Indoor FEC Fort Fun in Germany, Sweden and Australia). But this is the first time the Yalp Fono is installed with integrated WiFi.

The youth has unlimited wireless internet access at this public KPN WiFi Hotspot, which enables them to stream their own music to mix on the DJ booth. The Hague is pleased with this facility. Councillor of The Hague, Ingrid van Engelshoven; “The youth is growing up with smartphones, tablets and social media. WiFi is almost a necessity of life for them.” This Yalp Fono DJ booth is designed with street furniture elements from the product line Plane II from Grijsen.

The Yalp Fono PLANE II furniture line has been developed to fit into a variety of natural, modern and architectural, park, and urban settings. Yalp Fono can be the perfect unique addition to various indoor and outdoor locations, such as family entertainment centres, holiday parks, playgrounds and skate parks. It can be extended with an entire street furniture line. Including various benches, tables and even a Dance floor!

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