Aston Microphones announces the Swift, SwiftShield and Shield

While the Aston Microphones Origin and Spirit models both feature excellent internal shock mounting and pop-filtering, for those cases where there is a lot of external vibration, extra close mic’ing etc. and when artists can be a little more, shall we say ‘animated’ (!) a dedicated shock mount and/or pop filter is a must, to make the best recordings possible.

With the Aston Swift, Aston Shield and Aston SwiftShield, Aston has re-conceived the shock system and, as with all their products, worked from the ground up on entirely new design ideas along with the use of novel materials and Aston’s unique, architectural, approach to design.

The Aston Shield pop filter has been engineered to give you a perfect fit on any mic stand in seconds and has one of the best quality goose-necks you’ll ever see. No more limp or hanging pop shields, no more fiddly thumb screws – the Aston Shield has a big, sturdy, crocodile clip to mount quickly and easily onto mic stands of any shape or size, and has an exceptionally well-engineered goose-neck support with matte-black rubberised finish, which stays exactly where you put it.

The Aston Swift shock mount takes microphone mounting to the next level of ease. With 2 quick release spring clips designed to fit a wide range of mics, from 30-55mm diameter, mounting your microphone takes seconds. No more rubber bands.

SwiftShield combines the Aston Swift shock mount and the Aston Shield pop filter into one bundle, to give you the perfect set up for your studio vocal mic.

Together with your mic, the Aston SwiftShield set will give you everything you need for vocal mic applications, and really make your set up stand out from the crowd.

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