Celemony Melodyne in Apple Logic Pro X

At NAMM 2018 Celemony announced today that with Logic Pro X 10.4, Apple is supporting the ARA 2 interface extension. The corresponding Melodyne version is currently undergoing beta testing and will appear shortly.

The ARA support in Logic offers instant access to tracks in Melodyne without the hassle of transfers, a considerably faster Melodyne workflow when moving, looping or copying regions, and various simplifications of project management. Furthermore, Melodyne can now be introduced at an earlier stage of the comping process: when selecting and comparing takes.

Logic’s ARA support is based on the new ARA 2 specification, but for a plug-in to take advantage of this, it, too, must support ARA 2. A version of Melodyne that does this is currently undergoing beta testing and should be available soon. The current version of Melodyne (v. 4.1) will, of course, still run in Logic 10.4 but without ARA, so in this case transfers are still necessary.

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