VOVOX debuts new sonorus XL series cables

VOVOX is debuting its newest range of cables, “sonorus XL.” This top-of-the-line cable series is designed for both musicians and studios that demand only the best possible sound, without compromise.

Since the Swiss company was founded 15 years ago, their sound conductors have gained an excellent reputation worldwide. For some users, the ‘sonorus’ series cables are the reference in fidelity and audio quality. With the new ‘sonorus XL’ range of cables, VOVOX proves that there is still room for improvement-even with such a high level of quality already attained.

The main technological advance from ‘sonorus’ to ‘sonorus XL’ is hidden in the crystalline structure of the unusually large, solid-core copper conductors. “As a consequence of their exceptional construction, the ‘sonorus XL’ cables are not for everyone,” founder and VOVOX mastermind Jurg Vogt admits. “The unusual stiffness of these sound conductors is a challenge. On the other hand, ‘sonorus XL’ has a lot to offer. The sonority, resolution, and dynamic range exceed what we had achieved in our previous ‘sonorus’ range of cables.”

This novel series of cables is perfect for ambitious session musicians, as well as mastering studios. The cable’s rigidity makes it often unsuitable for live use on stage. These cables were initially reserved exclusively for selected VOVOX endorsers. Two years of testing with world-class artists such as Melvin Lee Davis, Jesse Milliner and Lillo Scrimali has led the Swiss specialists at VOVOX to make the XL cable range available to all sound aficionados.

“The feedback we received was so enthusiastic that it was simply a must to offer the cables to a wider audience. We are obviously not the only sound-nerds around!” exclaims Vogt. Session bass player Melvin Lee Davis (Chaka Khan, George Duke, Lee Ritenour) added with enthusiasm, “This cable absolutely floored me, it has no equal! The construction, the sound quality-there is nothing like it in the industry. The ‘sonorus XL’ is a life-changer for the professional musician who cares about true sound reproduction.”

VOVOX ‘sonorus XL’ instrument cables are available in the standard length of 3.0 m (10 ft). Custom lengths are available upon request. The balanced VOVOX ‘sonorus XL’ direct S are available in various lengths ranging from 1.0 m (3 ft.), to 5.0 m (15 ft.).

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