Signum Audio releases the Pro-Audio Bute loudness suite

In a logical progression from their Bute Loudness Analyser, Signum Audio have released the Bute Loudness Suite. The new audio software developer from Edinburgh, Scotland, is introducing pro-audio tools that are designed to improve workflows in professional studio environments.

Bute, named after the Scottish isle that is divided into highlands and lowlands, is an integrated loudness solution comprising of an Analyser, True Peak Brickwall Limiter and AudioSuite Normaliser. Designed with post-production and broadcasting in mind, Bute delivers a number of unique workflow features in a sleek, intuitive interface.

At the core of the suite is the Bute Loudness Analyser, which includes a custom warning system, a history overview that can be easily navigated and zoomed showing areas of your mix which require attention at a glance, DAW Sync for automatic re-metering, and a multitude of meter ballistics. It also reloads metering data from previous sessions and can handle over 10 hours of data.

Since the initial release of the Analyser, the team have been hard at work building additional tools to transform Bute into a one-stop-suite for all loudness-related needs. The new ultra-transparent True Peak Brickwall Limiter and AudioSuite Normaliser use a novel approach to guarantee reliable results and exceptional quality. In addition, the AudioSuite Normaliser allows you to accurately comply to a myriad of loudness standards with the single click of a button.

There will be further updates to come in future making Bute an invaluable tool for any serious Mixing or Mastering engineer.

The Bute Loudness Suite is available in VST / AU / AAX (including AudioSuite) formats for Windows and Mac OS X. It is available in Stereo (£199 + vat) and Surround (£249 + vat) versions. After receiving a lot of interest in their pro-audio metering solution, Signum Audio have also decided to make their Bute Loudness Analyser accessible to a wider audience – it is now available in Stereo for £69 (+ vat) and Surround for £89 (+ vat). You can download a free two week trial to test all the features out for yourself.

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