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Natus One wireless headphone link created by Tino Soelberg, is a cutting edge wireless headphone system for DJ’s and studio’s.

DJs and Home Studio users haven’t had wireless headphone options until now. Natus One uses a technology allowing us to get the latency down to a fixed 16ms.  You may have tried Bluetooth headphones in the past and noticed that they are simply unusable due to the very high latency (+150ms) and while wireless in-ear monitor systems used at concerts have a low latency they are typically hard to setup, too expensive and lacks in audio quality.

‘We’ve spent countless hours with DJs and producers in studios, clubs, house parties and even a bus – making sure our product vision met the exact needs of the people using it.’

‘ In designing the Natus One we have used as few parts as possible and selected tough materials all with the focus of enhancing durability. Series 5000 Aircraft Grade Aluminimum make up the main body parts of the transmitter / receiver as well as the charge dock, ensuring that the Natus One will stand up to any rough treatments it might get during those late night music sessions. Finally, all the buttons are made so that they are easy to find and operate, but requires enough force that they don’t accidentally get pressed.

Some tech stuff:

Low latency is key for any type of music application – every DJ or musician has to be on beat, always! Natus One’s 16ms latency is equivalent to 1/30th of the time between beats in a 125 bpm track! This is why it is unnoticeable by DJs and performers.
Audio Quality

DJs and home studio users typically use very high end headphones so audio quality is absolutely essential. This is why Natus One’s wireless connection uses no compression of the audio whatsoever – the music needs to sound exactly like it came out of the headphone output of your mixer.

Battery Life
Because Natus One is a wireless system it naturally needs to be battery powered. It was important to us that the capacity was big enough that you don’t have to remember to charge it for each session. This is why we chose a battery large enough to support 24 hours of playtime – thats 24 hours of continuous playtime at 80% volume!

Natus One uses a dual antenna system which always selects the antenna that has the best signal. This selection is done many times per second and is part of why the range is more than 30ft/10m – and it also works great through things like dry wall.

Natus One is built to work with a wide range of headphones. It will easily drive typical DJ and home studio headphones with an impedance of 30 to 80 ohm with a very decent sound pressure of 110dB.

Natus One uses standard mini jack / 3.5mm / 1/8 inch female connectors for audio. It comes with a small 40mm flexible male-male connector suitable for most equipment, but any mini jack cable will work. Charging is done in the power and audio dock, or through a female micro USB connector in both transmitter and receiver.

Power and audio dock
Natus One comes with a dock that lives on your table. You use the dock to charge your transmitter and receiver, and if you have a fixed setup (like at home or in a studio) you can just keep the transmitter in the dock while in use, and even plug your audio cable into the back of the dock instead of into the transmitter. This will give you a cleaner setup in some situations.
Is one receiver not enough?

If you need more than one receiver you’re in luck! Natus One supports up to three receivers connected to a single transmitter. This can come in handy if you are playing back to back DJ sets or if you are more than one person working on a track in the studio. Additional receivers will be available for purchase when the main campaign has been funded.
Status LED

The status LED on the transmitter and receiver units gives you a quick status overview; It shows whether the units are connected, charging or running low on power.

Transmitter and Receiver measure 63mm x 88mm x 7mm / 2.5″ x 3.5″ x 0.25″ 53g / 1.9oz

For more information or do you want to back this project: Natus One wireless headphone link  on Kickstarter

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