Moog Subsequent 37 CV monophonic analog synthesizer – Gearjunkies review

The Moog Subsequent 37 CV is a monophonic, analog synthesizer. It has two oscillators with variable waveshaping, a sub oscillator (square wave), a noise generator and an external audio-input. It resembles the Sub 37, but this limited version has a different color and some extra features, only 2000 units were made. There is more gain-staging on the filter, double headroom for the mixer, four cv gate inputs, four freely assignable cv outputs and two gate outs.

Being paraphonic, the two oscillators can be played individually or controlled by the arpeggiator or the step sequencer. It has 37 semi-weighted full size keys with after touch. The filter is a typical Moog ladder type with resonance, four different slopes and a multidrive.

Look and feel
The synthesizer has the typical Moog Phatty appearance with the silver/black Moog turning knobs. In the upper left corner sits a white illuminated lcd display with good visibility. Just on top of the keyboard are the buttons for the sequencer that double as preset selectors for 16 banks of 16 sounds. All knobs are well laid out with a clear signal path visible, suitable for quick editing or sound creating. There are marked sections for filter, envelopes and oscillators. The knobs feels turdy, have a good intermediate distance and the texts have a good readability.

Pitch and modulation wheels are lit, and the synthesizer has a good finishing with wooden side panels. The display information not only shows the preset names but also general settings. All sound-altering parameters are done with discrete knobs. The modulation matrix however is set in the menu, as there is an abundant choice of destinations. There is only one source lfo, which makes it convenient that there are cv inputs available for additional modulation to add some life to the sound. The cv outputs and gates are also operated from the menu, the inputs are only set to filter frequency, pitch, volume and keyboard gate.

In use
The sound of the Subsequent is exactly what is to be expected of a Moog, ranging from deep basses to subtile leads. But also sound effects and arpeggio’s with short, staccato sounds are very well possible. The upgraded filter and mixer give it a slightly cleaner sound than its predecessors. The overall sound is closely related to the Sub Phatty’s and of course the Sub 37. Especially the filter excels with a deep Moogy sound and a natural sounding resonance. The multidrive gives it a more aggressive character but the it does not let this synth growl and squeak like a characteristic Minimoog.

The cv i/o is of the 1v/octave type and therefore compatible with the eurorack standard. However the connections are of the large jack 6,3mm type, which will require an adapter in most case of connecting to external modules. Sound editing is done on the synth itself, but after registration you can download an edito/librarian. This was made fort he ‘old’ Sub 37 but works fine with this Subsequent. For computer connections there is a usb (midi) connection, and also present are the 5-pin DIN midi in and outs.

The Moog Subsequent 37 CV is a synthesizer suitable for producers and sound designers, but also works good on a stage. The high playability makes it very expressive. The cv i/o is not useful or practical for everybody, mainly due to the set parameters for the inputs and 6,3mm jacks. But the sequencer benefits from the cv outs as you connect external voltage controllable gear easily. The advantages of the Subsequent 37 CV are the great Moog filter sound, the solid finishing and looks and the complete analog knob control of the sounds.

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