Roland Announces Serato x Roland TR-SYNC Update

Roland announces updates to its iconic TR-8, TR-8S, TR-08, or TR-09 drum machines, making them Serato DJ OSA-ready. This new functionality, named TR-SYNC, will be available in a forthcoming update and allows DJs to effortlessly match the BPM of the TR drum machines with tracks playing on Serato DJ Pro. The TR-SYNC lets DJs easily add their own drum loops to songs with the same Roland drum sounds used on the most popular tracks of yesterday and today, flip genres, beef up classic hits, remix, and transition between songs in new ways.

To connect the Roland TR drum machine, plug the USB from the TR drum machine to the computer running Serato DJ Pro with supported hardware, and then connect the audio output to an available input on the DJ mixer or controller. Because Serato DJ Pro takes care of the sync, DJs can focus on their performance and the new creative options.

Once DJs have mastered the basics of mixing and performance, adding a drum machine gives them a chance to stand out and expand their creative options exponentially by changing the way tracks sound. DJs can layer a harder beat over an existing track or use an acapella with loops they’ve personally created to bring brand-new remixes to life on the fly. Adding the TR drum sounds can make songs sound “bigger” and can extend music libraries across different genres. Now DJs can spend their time playing edits and remixes instead of searching the record pools to make their own versions for truly unique DJ sets.

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