Documentary about the 70s patented synthesizer Resynator sets to debut on Kickstarter

Alison Tavel will be launching a campaign on Kickstarter for her documentary RESYNATOR. Known to some back in the ‘70s, the Resynator is a patented prototype invention that Alison’s father invented years ago before his untimely death in 1988. Since then, Alison has been tracing his story ever since she reclaimed his invention in her grandmother’s attic in 2014. Her initial curiosity in the synthesizer quickly spiraled into a journey for her to finally connect with her father. This adventure has brought her to places like Colombia and the UK and has now led her to this Kickstarter campaign today.

The Resynator was created as a patented synthesizer decades ago, and is now making its way back into the music industry. Alison joined forces with her dad’s old partner Mike Beigel, founder of Mu-Tron to resurrect the Resynator. With Alison’s music industry expertise, a former music supervisor and a current tour assistant for Grammy-nominated musician Grace Potter, musicians like Grace, Peter Gabriel, Mike Gordon, Fred Armisen, Gotye and more, have been helping her understand her dad’s long lost synth and help her figure out how to get it back on the market and into the music industry.

“I think this project makes perfect sense to be on Kickstarter – it’s taken a community to get the Resynator back in action and it will take a community to finish the film,” says Alison. “I hope this campaign not only helps me get the funding I need to finish the film, but also broadcasts this project to musicians who might want to use the Resynator for their upcoming projects. I want to see the Resynator back on the market one day, but first, people need to see the original being used.”

The documentary is currently in production, with hopes of the Kickstarter campaign raising anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 to launch her on a path to see this film through to completion. The campaign will also be offering many unique rewards that include different ways to interact with the Resynator. Backers can send in stems of their songs to be “resynated” or if they want hands on experience, they can even come record with the original Resynator at Barefoot Studios in Hollywood for a day.

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